Malta's Leading Sound Company

Back in 1994, when we hit Malta for the very first time, our main objective was the same as it is today – to achieve the highest level of sound quality and reliability necessary to be a leading sound company in the local music industry. 


Since then, times have changed and along with the times so have our products. We can now proudly say that Visage Sound Ltd is powered by over 100KW (RMS) of high-end grade professional equipment such as Void Acoustics Martin Audio, our in-house custom visage cabinets and others.


Today, Visage is a company that is recognised all over the island for its quality, professionalism and its excellent customer relations and support. 


We boast a fully and highly trained rigging crew that will be able to tackle any potential problems in the unlikely event that something should happen.

Sound Equipment

Ensuring High-Quality Sound & Services

We are a well-planned company that exercises careful staff and crew selection. Moreover, we offer a wattage of over 100k RMS – never met and still not yet met on the island. 


We always present our clients with rapid crew and equipment dispatch in case of last-minute emergency bookings or issues.

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